Future Club

Future-Club ry is a registered association founded in 2000 in Joensuu. Our members consists mainly of sports enthusiasts from North Karelia.

The purpose of the club is to promote year-round fitness and health sports for its members by offering a variety of exercise opportunities. Skiing is one of the main sports activities, with church boat rowing and hiking.

With our guidance, you can explore church rowing or enhance your skiing skills – we have qualified instructors.
We organise hiking and rowing trips and work with many other local sports clubs. In Karelia Soutu rowing we have been involved from the beginning.
Sulkava Soutu rowing event has also become familiar to us.

We have built five boathouses along the river Pielisjoki in Hasanniemi, which we also rent out to third parties.
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Future Club ry’s activities include the following:


Cross Country Skiing schools, trips and camps, ski lubrication service. We open the ski season on a cooled ski tracks in Kontiolahti.

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Rowing training at Pielisjoki and Pyhäselkä. We will also participate in some rowing events.


We do some trekking/wandering in North Karelia area, for example Patvinsuo and Koli.

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There is plenty to do with Future Club

We will update the next events to the calendar that is shown below. Come and join the Future Club!

Contact person: Kimmo Kurvinen
tel. 0400-920 412